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Did you know fresh-ground beans from a burr grinder taste 93% better than the chaff that a blade grinder makes? Please don’t even mention pre-ground coffee.

OK, we don’t know the exact percentage but the consistent grounds produced by a burr grinder DO in fact make a massive difference in the quality of your brew.

Try it. We suggest our manual coffee grinder (of course).

Features & Specs:

  • Easy, adjustable grind fineness
  • Sturdy stainless steel body
  • Grinds fast, smooth and quiet
  • Ceramic conical burr

Why It Is Worth Buying

1. Non-battery and Compact Design
You may not able to change your life, but you can choose the way to start each day. Our manual coffee grinder is designed to an excellent grinder without the need for batteries or power, making it available for both indoors or outdoors. It also features extremely quiet operation, without the fear of waking the kids or distracting your coworkers.
Thanks to its compact size, you can easily store it in your bags, suitcases, convenient to carry while travelling around the world. Moreover, you can even take it apart to store in your carry-on for saving space.

2. Superior Ceramic and Stainless Steel Material
The material determines the look and the service life of a coffee grinder. This manual coffee grinder has the advanced ceramic grinding burr in hardness, not only sharp but durable. With it, you will never get in trouble with rust or bluntness. Stainless steel body makes it durable and easy-to-clean. According to ergonomics, the handle is designed to fit your hand perfectly, labour-saving and efficient.

3. Target Application
With its excellent setting, you can use your grinder for everything from French press coffee to Espresso, such an amazing tool built for any coffee maker in the world.

Why Grind Coffee By Hand?
1. A hand grinder is a perfect gift for travellers. It is small and easy to carry with you so you can enjoy your favourite speciality coffee no matter where you are.
2. A hand grinder is more affordable. It is cheaper than an automatic grinder, making it a perfect grinder for people.
3. A hand grinder helps you to slow down and enjoy the moment. It is probably the best way to truly enjoy the process of coffee making.
4. A hand grinder is a totally unique gadget. If you own a hand coffee grinder, it may be one of the most unique devices you’ll have in your kitchen.

How to Use It
1. Open the cover and put the coffee beans in.
2. Cover the lid and install the grinding handle.
3. Revolve the handle slowly.
4. Twist out the container.


1 review for Hand Coffee Grinder

  1. LiSandra Washington

    Love it!!!! I am a coffee nut, there I said it and I am proud of it. I love coffee but I hate to have coffee that has been sitting for more than an hour; this is a challenge at work. This great little find that is affordable and great for my afternoon cup of coffee. Now I can get my bag of coffee from the shops and use this little garinder at the office. It is super easy to use, it is just the right size and easy store. This little guy saves money, and gives me what I need to keep going in the afternoon on those long days.

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