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Welcome to the world of Coffee Essential. This cult brand pour over coffee dripper is designed to add an element of hands-on happiness to your daily brew. The process of making a great pour over coffee is one that can take finesse and skill (or be as simple as you like), and the results are worth it. This gentle method of brewing coffee results in a smooth, tasty cuppa, perfect for getting you through the day.

  • Cone shaped, ridged ceramic pour over coffee dripper
  • Slower method of brewing coffee
  • Ridges help to discourage the filter from sticking to the walls, encouraging the water to flow downwards, but not all through the same channel, resulting in a more evenly extracted brew
  • Can be brewed directly into a cup or serving jug
  • Once you have the technique right, play with the coffee to water ratio, and the infusion time to create your perfect brew. One of the brilliant things about the very manual process of using the Coffee Essential is that you can truly create a signature experience with every cup


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