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When brewed with cold water, tannin and caffeine do not easily effuse. You can enjoy mild coffee free of bitter or astringent taste. Just coffee grounds and water are needed. A large number of ice cubes are not required. Let it sit in a refrigerator for eight hours. Prepare it at night, then delicious coffee is ready the next morning. A mesh filter exclusively for ground coffee is used. It helps with brewing cold coffee.

Cold Coffee Brewing

The newest cold coffee brewing tool from Hario will really fascinate coffee fans in one look. The shape is like an update from the Mizudashi version. With a sleek and high design makes this tool for making a cold brew from Hario look even more elegant. The main material is made of heat-resistant glass, the cover/lid is of high-quality stainless steel which is equipped with silicone rubber to be useful to prevent friction when closed. What makes Hario Cold Brew coffee pitcher even more special is the strainer or filter section which is now ‘revised’ to become a metal filter, but the shape is still light and fancy. The entire quality material that binds to the cold brew maker from Hario is the main point that makes it attractive.

Hario – Cold Brew Coffee Pitcher


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