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Start your day with Coffee Essentials! The Pour Over Coffee Kettle from Coffee Essentials is exactly what you need to make the perfect cup of pour-over coffee every morning. Turn your kitchen into your very own café. Coffee connoisseurs and beginners will appreciate the quality and craftsmanship of this efficient appliance. You’ll feel like a professional barista as you craft delicious café creations just the way you like it in the comfort of your own home. Never stand in a long coffee shop line again. You’re one step closer to more cost-effective and efficient mornings.


Make the perfect cup of coffee. Boil water to the precise temperature every time using the easy to read built-in thermometer.


Get the perfect pour every time. A gooseneck spout provides a precise flow that allows you to evenly saturate your coffee grounds at a steady pace.


Invest in quality with an appliance that is crafted from premium 18/8 steel. Our kettle is resistant to rust while a double layer metal base makes it leak-free.


You can boil water in the teapot on any range, hob or stove, including gas, electric coil and electric glass tops. It is safe for induction cookers.


No coffee bar is complete without the perfect pour over coffee kettle. Start each morning with an invigoratingly delicious cup of coffee.


Invest in a quality appliance that will fully and effectively function for many years. Our kettle is made with premium 18/8 stainless steel, making it durable and resistant to rust. A double layer of metal at the base makes it leak-free allowing you to use it with gas and electrical stovetops.


Create a flawless cup of pour over coffee every time. A gooseneck spout creates a precise water flow at a steady pace. An easy to hold handle creates a steady flow that allows you to saturate all of your coffee grounds. The heat-resistant handle allows you to grip without the aid of a cloth or oven mitt.


Never burn your coffee again! Water that is too hot can ruin coffee beans and water that is too cold won’t allow proper brewing. An easy to read integrated thermometer and reader on the lid allows you to boil water to the precise temperature every time with ease.


Integrated Thermometer
1.2 Liter Capacity
Easy to Hold Handle
Stainless Steel Construction


A classic and attractive silhouette gives our kettle a look that fits right into with your other kitchen appliances and décor. An ergonomic design makes it effective and efficient.

3 reviews for Kettle with built in thermometer

  1. Marcy Luttinger

    This gooseneck kettle is so adorable! I love how it has the thermometer on top. Not only is it useful for a steaming cup of coffee I can use it to heat up water for cooking because it is so much faster than waiting for my pot to boil water! It is also very sturdy and durable. So pleased with this!


    awesome kettle for pour over coffee. It is perfect for pour over coffee. I rate this 5 stars. I just ordered one for our daughter along with the glass carafe to make delicious coffee.

  3. Tammy D.

    Love this product and price! Perfect size, price and easy to read temperature gauge for a perfect cup of coffee. When i learned that the water temperature impacts the taste of fresh coffee grounds, I initially used what I had … a tea kettle and a meat thermometer. But, the tea kettle spout allowed to much water to come through and the meat thermometer kept falling into the teapot. I ordered this pour over kettle with narrow spout and gauge built in and it works perfectly with no mess!

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